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These general conditions of sale are established by the portal operator  (hereinafter called the "Supplier" ) and define the terms of delivery of the certificate of compliance to the customer (hereinafter called the "Customer") .

Under the contract of delivery of the certificate of conformity ( COC) the Supplier shall deliver the certificate of conformity (hereinafter called the "COC" ) to the Customer once the latter has paid the full price of the order.


To place an order, the Customer must register on the Internet site via the registration form . A personal account, registered in a database , each user is associated with .

The customer places an order for a certificate of compliance by the website through the " Order your certificate ."

The order is a unilateral legal act of the Customer to the Supplier and is considered a request from the client to pass the contract for delivery of the certificate of conformity. By submitting the Order, the Customer certifies both have read and unreservedly accepted these terms and conditions, gives his consent to the collection and seizure of their personal information to be used only for the purposes of Supplier for the purpose of order processing and delivery COC agrees with the establishment and acceptance of the tax voucher ( invoice) electronics and certify that I was informed about the impossibility of termination of delivery certificate of Conformity ( COC) as it is a service under specific conditions , which , by its very nature can not be refunded.

Once connected to your personal account , the customer can review them at any time the status of his order. If he wants more information on his order, he needs to do is contact the Supplier  by e -mail

In the proposed tracking control , there are 5 different status :

  • Pending payment : Order recorded but not paid by the Customer.
  • Processing : The order processing COC is started.
  • Sent : The certificate of conformity has been sent to the Client.
  • Extraordinary : We can not issue a certificate of conformity for your vehicle. (the command is repaid )
  • Redeemed : The command has been repaid in full.

By payment of the price of the order, the status " Processing " is automatically assigned to the control that the Supplier confirms to the personal account of the Client.

the certificate of conformity shall not be issued to vehicles registered in 1995 or earlier as this document does not exist for the records of that date; if an order is made with an automobile that meets this specification the full value of the order will be charged due to administrative costs.


Order of COC may be canceled by the Customer until the award of the status " Processing " on command.

There is a cancellation fee of £50 at that time. 

To cancel an order, the Customer must contact the supplier by communicating the order number to cancel.

When the status of the order is "processed", no refund will be made.

IV.Terms of delivery

Delivery COC published on the site is informative and may vary. If the delivery date previously agreed is exceeded by more than 21 working days, the Customer has the right to a refund in the amount of £50.

The delivery times announced are calculated in working days (subject to validation of the order). The delivery date is calculated taking into account the preparation and shipping times to which is added the delivery time of the carrier. Delivery times are estimated. ; in exceptional cases, the delivery period may be longer than the period initially indicated, not exceeding 3 months from the payment of the order or the latest date of receipt of all the documents necessary to obtain the COC (European Certificate of Conformity).

The Supplier can not be held responsible for damage or loss to the parcel if the Customer has specified delivery address incorrect or unsuitable for receiving document.

The COC is sent by letter to the address provided by the customer.  If the customer requires a change of delivery address, that must be done by sending an email to within 72 hours.

V. Payment Terms

The Customer must pay the full price of the order , once it has completed the order. Once the payment is received by the Supplier , the COC certificate will be considered ordered.

The method of payment chosen by the customer , it will have the choice between paying by credit card ( MasterCard , Visa ) or by bank transfer.

The prices displayed on the site include all taxes and shipping is free.


In case of default of the COC, the Customer is obliged to inform the Supplier or by e -mail as it is required to return the original position of the COC together with the certificate of the administration of non-acceptance of the COC at the address referred by the Supplier.

VII.Data Protection

By signing the contract to provide the certificate of conformity (COC) , the Customer agrees to the collection and seizure of their personal information . He is entitled to be informed about the type of information contained in the database and the use that is made. The Supplier shall not assign this data to third parties , with the exception of organizations whose cooperation is necessary for the proper execution of the order , including banks (full name or the name of the client) and shipping companies (delivery address ) . This data is always transferred exclusively for the practical implementation of the order. The Supplier is not entitled to sell, rent or otherwise provide access to the database to third parties ( unless otherwise stated) . clauses 

Our company supply with European certificates of conformity. It does not issue these certificates. It has an administrative role and acts on behalf of the Client with the persons authorised to establish them. In the event that it is impossible to obtain a Certificate of Conformity, the company may take steps to obtain any other homologation document, depending on the technical characteristics of the vehicle and subject to completion by the Customer.  Additional formalities at his expense, with a view to obtaining a "carte grise" in the french prefecture. In some cases the certificate of conformity may prove to be insufficient to obtain the registration card directly in the prefecture; additional formalities at the customer's expense will therefore be required.

The Certificate of Conformity is issued in the language of origin of the vehicle. The COC is accepted by the registration authorities of each country in any language of the EU.

NB: the Customer can subscribe to one or more European Certificate of Conformity applications; each request is taken into account after receipt of the Customer's payment by the Company.

These conditions of sale shall come into force on the date of signature by the person delegated to act on behalf of the Supplier. They take effect from the date of publication on the internet of

The Supplier reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, the provisions latest superseding the original conditions . Trade relations of the contracting parties are still governed by the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of the creation of the contractual relationship and the English law.

These general conditions of sale are established by the company COCS