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European Homologation Agency

Official supplier of certificates of conformity to register
a vehicle within the EU

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COC Aixam 

The European Certificate of Conformity of the Aixam brand is an official homologation document which guarantees that your vehicle is in conformity with the European standards in order to be registered in French prefecture or DVLA in UK.

The COC Aixam is unique to each chassis number and indicates all the features of this vehicle such as: dimmensions, power, color, etc ...

The Aixam Certificate of Conformity was created in 1995, so we can only supply the Aixam COC for vehicles built from the year 1996.

  • The delivery time of the Aixam Certificate of Conformity is 7 working days.
  • Delivery fees are included in the price of the Abarth COC.
  • You will receive the Aixam Certificate of Compliance by secure and priority mail.
  • The European certificate of conformity Aixam is authentic and original.


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