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How to buy a Certificate of Conformity

Get your Vehicle Registered with the Certified Supplier of Certificates of Conformity, COC 

COC is an official distributor of Certificate of Conformity for your vehicle to roll on the roads of the European Union freely. We are a certified agency with all-inclusive information about this certificate. Obtaining this certificate will allow you to stay away from all sorts of hurdles of the law of EU. 

COCS is an authorized agency that helps you acquire the Certificate of Conformity safely and fast. We follow all the legal guidelines and protocols of Europe and accordingly assist you in getting the right certificate. We know how it is important to have this certificate in the region of Europe if you are a car-owner. Thus, we give you the fortunate chance to apply for this certified document and get your car registered in a hassle-free manner. 

Based in Spain, we are a trusted body operating in Madrid. We are a certified company and proffer the car owners a simplified online way to get COC for any car brand in just a few steps. If you want to gather more information about us, you can visit us at


Why Certificate of Conformity? 

COC or European Certificate of Conformity is a mandatory document to drive your car in any corner of this zone. If you own a car, you must have to apply for this certificate and get the one. Then only, you will be allowed to take your vehicle on the road. So, want or not, this is necessary and everyone has to get it, else you may become the victim of the government of European Union. 

We have a professional team and, we work, altogether to provide you this COC without much effort. We have the special collaboration with the manufacturers and other standard organizations. Therefore, we give you this online medium to apply for the Certificate of Conformity and the final document will be sent to you as a letter of confirmation.

A Simple 5-Steps Procedure

Place an order for your COC following these 5 steps:

1. Car Brand

2. Create Account

3. Upload Documents 

4. Personal Details

5. Confirm your Order

Go with this procedure and get your Certificate of Conformity easily!

In the words of our director- “COC is a recognized body operating in Spain to provide the Certificate of Conformity for the cars of all brands. By following a simple process of 5 steps, a car owner can order for this certificate and get a final document as a permission to drive your car on the roads without any legal hurdle. It is like a must-have document that should be with every car owner in Europe. If you want to ask any query, feel free to request your quote to us!”

About COC

COCS is a recognized company that offers the Certificate of Conformity for all brands of cars. Officially positioned in Spain, we help car owners to get this certificate through fast and accessible online mode.

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