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How to order your certificate of conformity?

The Certificate of Conformity (COC) is the easiest way to register your vehicle in the prefecture.


Order your certificate of conformity today and register your vehicle as early. With COCS you can order your certificate of approval in just a few clicks. This document includes the identification of the vehicle and its manufacturer, the European approval number, the technical specifications as well as other data such as color, CO2 emissions, length, height, etc.


Do not hesitate to consult our website in order to order your certificate of conformity. A few clicks and you will receive your coc in less than a week (according to brands). COC Europe only provides official certificates of conformity recognized by all prefectures in France.


The company COCS is an online ordering site of coc. We are located in London, UK. We support professionals and individuals in their approval project to register their cars in France and throughout Europe. We are reducing all the administrative procedures to follow to make it a reality. On average, the European certificate of conformity is delivered within 5 days. Our prices are unbeatable, we guarantee the lowest prices or we refund the difference.


The certificate of conformity can be ordered in less than 5 minutes on


A proof of identity and address will remain to provide to obtain your registration in the prefecture. A technical inspection of less than 6 less and also to predict. The CT does not need to be French.


To order and obtain your certificate of conformity simply select the make of your car on our website. So, entrust yourself to a true certification professional to facilitate your registration process.


Order your COC on