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Additional Questions?

Here you will find the answers aus frequently asked questions. In addition we offer a range of information on topics d'importance.

1. What is a Certificate of Compliance or COC?

The motor vehicle manufacturers must apply for permission approval for all vehicles manufactured by European-type series.

Once approved, a certificate of compliance is established COC (Certificate of Conformity). This document states that subscribed to the vehicle of issue and security requirements to the level of the European Union ((EU). The vehicle can be put into circulation in each EU member state without further technical inspections.

The issuance of this certificate of conformity is possible for all vehicles built to the standards prescribed by the COC from 1995.

2. COC can it be issued for my vehicle?

Please check your vehicle manufacturer plate.

It shall have a number up to 20 digits and letters, and always begins with e *

The plate is, according to the marks in the engine compartment or near the driver's door. If plaque inidique a European Conformity number, COC certificate request is possible. Otherwise, contact us.

3. What if the issuance of a certificate of compliance is not possible?

We can sometimes provide a national vehicle type identification certificate.

4. The price to pay for a COC?

DREAL perceives a package for the issuance of a COC for all car brands. The price varies according to brand.

European law requires the manufacturer to establish a first original gratuitously. For the guests of a second, our company is entitled to recover its costs.

It is therefore highly recommended when purchasing your vehicle to ensure that the COC document to be presented at the vehicle's handling.

5. In which language the COC document is established?

The European Certificate of Conformity COC is accepted in any language of the European Union. More génralement in French or English.

6. Are we deliver COC documents without VAT to the stranger?

We deliver the documents to the COC abroad without VAT in case your company has its registered office in a country of the European Union and it has a VAT identification number .. In this case proceed to 'enregistrement your address with the indication of the VAT identification number. Your address will be completed with this number and the COC document deliveries will, from this moment, without German VAT.

7. What do I need when ordering?

You will be asked to enter your shipping address and choose the payment method that you want.

You must also provide a copy of the current registration card to register your vehicle.