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What is the certificate of conformity for cars?

What is the Certificate of Conformity for cars?

The Certificate of Conformity (COC) is a European Certificate of Conformity allowing the European Type CE identification of a vehicle when it leaves the factory.

More than mandatory to register a European vehicle in another European country, it is systematically requested for any application for registration of a foreign vehicle and therefore can be sold and registered in all European countries. It guarantees that the vehicle is homologated in European and therefore complies with French legislation.

Who provides the Certificate of Conformity?

The certificate of conformity is provided by the manufacturer's Homologation service and certifies that its vehicle is certified compliant with a European Community approval number. It mentions on it, the chassis number of the vehicle, the model, the type, the type, the European approval number and other necessary technical data.

The certificate of conformity contains harmonized data for all brands and for all European countries with reference to Annex 9 of the European Directive 1992-Ref 53. This certificate of conformity is only possible for vehicles manufactured for the market. after 1996 and of the type of passenger vehicle.

The COCis part of the list of documents to be produced in the Prefecture to register in France a vehicle imported from a European country such as Germany, Italy or Belgium. It is therefore mandatory to have it because it certifies the conformity of your car in compliance with European standards and can be written in the language of the manufacturer; in German for a certificate of conformity Audi or Volkswagen for example.

Objective of setting up a single European reference system: The Certificate of Conformity

The objective is to put in place a reference document entitled the certificate of conformity, allowing the free exchange of goods (Cars, Motorcycles) in Europe, respecting the regulations of each European country. The role of this directive is the harmonisation of standards specific to each European country to a single single European standard called the European Certificate of Conformity. The Directive establishes a common procedure for the Community type-approval of vehicles with regard to technical, fiscal and special elements. It modernises the technical documentation, organises the production of European type-approval numbers enabling each homologation service to produce the certificate of conformity for any new vehicle. As a result, the certificate issued by the Homologation service, in compliance with the European standards for the automobile industry, is accepted by all the European prefectures.

This is a standardised European test to certify that a vehicle complies with European requirements and allows it to be granted EC type-approval. The Community type-approval number (EC type) has been made compulsory since the year 1996. Any car which has been the subject of a Community type-approval may be marketed and registered throughout the European Community.

COCS, the official provider of certificate of conformity for imported cars and motorcycles delivers you the European certificate of conformity to register your vehicle in the French Prefecture.