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Certificate of Conformity (COC)

COCS delivers your certificate of conformity, also called COC in a few days only.

Our registration service allows you to obtain the European certificate of conformity in order to register your vehicle at the DVLA.

This certificate of conformity is a mandatory certificate to register a vehicle from Europe to UK.

The certificate of conformity sent to you is the one requested by the DVLA to obtain the final logbook of your vehicle.

This document is a COC including the EC type-approval. The role of this COC is to allow the free movement of vehicles within the European Union, particularly in respect of vehicles which are the subject of a common EU approval.

The European certificate of conformity is a document in which the constructor states that the car conforms to receiving European type. The COC includes the entire identification of the car and the manufacturer with the VIN number, the EU approval number, the technical characteristics of car, colour, and other data.

The certificate of conformity is defined by the law of the European Union (Directive 92/53). The European certificate of conformity isn't available for cars manufactured for the Japanese market, American, Australian or otherwise. For older cars which do not have an EU type approval, it is best to contact the DVLA which might be able to register your car without anyway.

The certificate of conformity can not be issued for rebuilt vehicles. The COC is available only for personal cars, motorcycles and some utility car.

History and law

Certificates of compliance are set by the Directive on the common EU market intra-Community ("EC-92") and the receipt by European type. The common intra-Community market in the European Union was opened officially January 1, 1993.

The aim of "EC-92" portion is to remove barriers to the free movement of goods within the European Union. The program has had a big influence on standards in the automotive industry. The Committee of the European Union goes to the harmonization of standards in the field of automotive technology and environmental protection in the countries of the EU. The legislation primarily concerning noise and emissions and safety. Directive of Europe on the European Front (Council Directive EU 92/53) eliminates the need to file an internal requests to the certification authority of each country, the DREAL, DRIRE or formerly Mines Department for France.

In 1992, the EU member countries' representatives agreed the legislation originally a single system to certify that a vehicle complies with the technical requirements and safety terms. The legislation establishes an EC type-approval system that replaces the national title receptions has twelve member countries. The system of type approval became mandatory in 1996, thereby creating the certificate of conformity. These cars with a European type approval can be marketed throughout Europe.

This is why a car requires only a single type-approval in one of the EU member countries to be accepted in all other European countries.

To receive the certificate of conformity, the vehicles must be brought to a testing agency or manufacturers may choose to maintain their own on-site certification approved equipment.

COCS delivers original certificates of conformity complying with the legislation of the European Union.