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COC Audi | Certificate of Conformity Audi

Order online a Audi certificate of conformity to register your vehicle with DVLA.

COCS issues a certificate of conformity European Audi, also called COC Audi, valid in all European countries. The COC will also be accepted in UK with the DVLA. Only the owner of the Audi vehicle can perform certificate of conformity of the application. The necessary supporting documents are available for download on our website after being scanned by you, via our application form.

Certificates of conformity Audi (Audi COC) are charged. A settlement secured credit card will be proposed at the end of command. The mailing costs are free.

COCS provides certificates of conformity for all car brands after 1996, when the European Certificate of Conformity was created in Europe. More info by email:

COCS can be held responsible for refusal of distribution from the Post Office, thank you to provide us with a valid address and recognized by the Post Office. A new certificate will be charged at the rate of £55. Please note that COCS is only able to provide information on the vehicles at the time of manufacture. If the vehicle has been altered or damaged, the information provided above may be inaccurate.