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COC Porsche

The  Porsche  991.

 The  internal  designation  for  the  seventh  generation  of  the  Porsche  911 sports  car,  which  was  unveiled  at  the  2011  Frankfurt  Motor  Show  on  15  September  as  the replacement  for  the  997.  The  991  is  an  entirely  new  platform,  only  the  third  since  the original  911  launched  in  1963  (the  996  of  1999  was  the  second  new  platform).

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The  new  911  is  20  millimeters  longer  than  the  991  it  replaces  and  yet  maintains  the wheelbase  of   that   previous  generation, as  well  as  the  characteristic  architecture  with  the engine  located  behind  the  rear  axle. The  only  thing  that  changes  in  this  sense,  besides  the greater  proportion  of  aluminum  in  the  structure,  is  that  the  anchors  of  the  engine  are located  20  millimeters  later  than  before,   which  balances  the  weight  distribution  more.

The COC Porsche is available for all Porsche 991 built for the European market.

What  there  is  a  considerable  growth  in  width,  something  that  can  be  seen  at first  glance  in the  back,  which  is now 44 millimeters wider than in 991 and with some "grips" very marked. The front axle also gains 45 millimeters, but it is not so obvious to the naked eye because the front wings are more restrained.

That  increase  in  width, is  not  an  aesthetic  whim. Now   the  Porsche  911  carries  tires  of different  inches   between  the  front  and  rear  axle,  being  in  front  of  20  inches  and  behind  21, with  what  they  say   the  car  treads  better  and  above  all,  it   is  more  balanced  than  before.

If  we  go  to  the  design  of  the  front,  we  must  be  very  precise  at  a  visual  level  to differentiate  it  from  its   predecessor.  There  are  many  small  changes  very  subtle  but  not  a  revolution  in  the  design. The round  optics  with  four  points  of  LED  light  have  changed  minimally,  and  perhaps  the  most  outstanding  evolution  is  in  the  front  apron  with  greater  surface  in  black,  as  well  as  the  double-plane  bonnet   with  the  lowered  central  strip,  especially  notable  in  the  área  that  borders  on  the  front  windshield. That  detail  gives  aggressiveness  and  musculature  to  the  front  and  takes inspiration  from  the  911  generation G.

We  are  in  times  of  transition  to  digital  in  all  aspects,  including  cars, and  that  has  made  some,  in  that  moment of  change,  have  not  been  fully  successful  with  their  decisions.

I  mean  the  total  absence  of  physical  buttons  to  handle  such  basic  and  common  things as  the  air  conditioning  controls  or  the  configuration  parameters  of  the  car. Panamera  and  Cayenne  are  two good  examples,  but  there  are  many  others  in  other  brands.

Luckily  in  the  new  911  Porsche  has  not  gone  to  that  point  so  radical  in  the  digitization  and  modernization, so  we  find  a  cabin  in  which  the  center  console  is  still  high  and  thin,  but  in  which  we  find  physical  buttons  whose  commands,  yes,  they  are  seen  in  the  new  central  screen  of rectangular  shape  and  touch  function  of  10.9  inches.

In  short,  the  911  has  the  right  and  necessary  to  look  and  feel  much  more  modern  than  the  991  it replaces,  while  maintaining  the  practicality  and  ease  of  use  that  have  always  characterized  it.  Oh, and  of  course,  with  the  quality  of  finishes  and  materials  that  a  car  with  a  ase  price  of  138.105 euros  deserves.