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Official supplier of certificates of conformity to register
a vehicle within the EU

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The certificate of conformity was created on January 1, 1993 by the Directive for intra-Community market in the European Union.

The objective of this European certificate of conformity, also called COC, "Certificate Of Conformity" is to allow the free movement of vehicles within Europe. 

The EU goes to the harmonization of standards in the car industry by adopting a law  to certify that a vehicle complies with the technical requirements and safety terms of the European market. 

An EC type-approval that replaces the reception national title in all the countries in Europe, thereby creating the European Certificate of Conformity which then become mandatory on all the cars from manufactured for the European market in 1996.

A European vehicle may now be marketed or registered in Europe without having to do any test, which used to be done by the DVLA in UK. 

COCS has therefore been created to provide car dealers and individuals, a Certificate of conformity, essential to register a vehicle from the EU. 

Our company is based in London and provides Certificates of Conformity of cars manufacturers from all over Europe.